Enlighten us, but make it quick.

The inaugural Ignite Memphis Arts is Monday, April 4, at Playhouse on the Square. It's a first-of-its-kind focus on the artists and fierce art supporters that push, grow, and create the arts in Memphis. That's ballet dancers, graffiti artists, dive bar musicians, local art collectors, and everyone in between.

Twelve Memphians will take the stage for 5-minute, passion-packed presentations about the arts. The rapid-fire bursts of ideas, stories, and energy take a unique format: 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. You'll learn, you'll laugh, and you'll definitely leave inspired.

On top of all the enlightenment, your ticket includes complimentary beer, wine, and appetizers. Ignite always sells out in record time, so get your tickets early.

Doors are at 7:00pm. The show starts promptly at 7:30.

Get your tickets before they sell out.

Amazing talks from these equally amazing people.

Cedar Nordbye — Making the Most Epic Mural in Memphis

Leslie Barker — Art as Community (How Orange Mound Changed My Life)

Valerie McDaniel — Using Creativity to be a Creative and Other Tales of Circular Logic

Steven McMahon — The Next Leap

Mishe' — An Artsy Education: Valued or Nah?

Cole Bradley — #MakersGonnaMake...an Impact?

Erin Harris — Art=Empowerment=Change

Deron Hall — Collective Impact in the Arts in Memphis

Lauren Kennedy — Embedding Artists in Non-obvious Environments

Kyle Taylor — "Dear Artist, Get Over Yourself"

Amaha — A Foreigner's Guide to Nigeria

Zachary Whitten — The Art of Play

Highlights from past events.

Here are a few choice talks from previous Ignite Memphis events. View all the videos on our YouTube Channel.

View all the videos on our YouTube Channel.

"Feeling charged after the #ignitemem event. A lot of great people making this a better place. If you don't believe it, you're missing out."

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